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I’m Carolan Wimberly, author of Spinning Visions, a fantasy YA series set amidst a traveling circus.

I have a bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in studio art from Transylvania University and a master of arts (M.A.) in photography and computer graphics from Morehead State University.

I’ve always adored books and writing. I consider myself a story hunter, finding inspiration and tales in every aspect of life. I believe what we learn and experience can be part of a larger  story. I wrote my first novel in high school, during Sophomore English Class, and my first job was in the children’s section of our town’s library. It was here I collected an extensive list of unusual names for my future characters. After college, I worked at a local bookstore, where I had the fortune of meeting publishers, as well as learning more about the publishing industry from a bookseller’s perspective.

I’m  a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

I’m currently living with my husband, two children, a dog, and five unbelievably lazy, but photogenic cats. When I’m not writing, I enjoy playing piano and  trekking through the woods on photographic adventures.

I love to interact with readers and writers.
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